Club Nights

For club night dates please go to Upcoming Events and Meets

Club nights are run throughout the warmer months from after the September school holidays until almost Easter time. We stop for a short break in December for State Championships and Christmas.

HSC holds Club nights every Friday evening weather permitting and cancellations are posted on our Facebook page

Club nights are held at Helensvale Aquatic Centre unless posted otherwise.

Race nominations close at 5.50pm with racing starting at 6.00pm.

We have a mixture of recreational, (Friday night only racing) and competitive members attending our Club nights.

Trial Club nights

At HSC we allow attendance for 2 Club nights before a family is expected to make financial commitment to join. A Membership Form will still need to be completed before a swimmer may enter the water.

Format of evening

We have 25m and 50m races of all strokes.

Swimmers nominate for either 25m, 50m or a combination of races dependent upon their current times (max 4 races) and one 100m race / evening

We have a 7yr and under kickboard race that does not require nomination.

New swimmers are expected to swim 25m races on their first evening to allow for grading. The times below are required before a swimmer moves into 50m races.

50m A Grading time

Freestyle      22sec                     Backstroke    25sec

Breaststroke 30sec                     Butterfly        25sec

Once a swimmer has attained an A grade time, it is expected that they swim the 50m event for that stroke

One 100m race where swimmers nominate their stroke is usually held each week.

Swimmers are seeded according to time not age.

Club night results are posted to “Meet mobile”

BBQ and Cake Stall

Our BBQ and cake stall are held each Club nights and are fundraisers for the Club.

Every family is expected to assist during the season.

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