Joining Helensvale Swimming Club


If you are joining a Swim Club for the very first time, Welcome!


Membership registration is open for the 2021-22 season. You can complete your membership renewal by logging into Swim Central


Your membership products are available for purchase in your Club’s Product Catalogue. An existing member can renew or a new member can join by signing in to Swim Central and using the Shopping tile. Parents, please remember that you need to ensure you are impersonating the correct member of your family when purchasing membership products. 


Follow these steps:

  • Sign in to Swim Central, unlock your Family Administration Pin
  • Go to Family and select the relevant family member. If you don’t enter your pin at this point you will need to before you can add anything to your trolley
  • From the relevant family member’s Home screen, select the Shopping tile  
  • Search for Helensvale Swimming Club, select the appropriate membership product  
  • Confirm the details on the right and then Add to Trolley. 
  • Parents can end impersonation and select another family member as many times as they need to add all membership products to their trolley before completing the purchases all at once.  
  • A confirmation email will be sent once the payment has been processed and if for some reason you  don’t complete the purchase at that time, the products in your shopping trolley will be placed in My Purchases tile as Pending Payment, which can be completed or cancelled in the future from the parent’s My Purchase tile. 


For step by step instructions on purchasing a product or membership CLICK HERE or watch the video by clicking HERE


Members have until 30 September to renew their membership. Any previous member who does not renew their membership before 30 October (30 days after their membership product has expired) will have their membership lapsed. If they choose to join the Club again, they simply need to sign in to Swim Central and purchase the appropriate membership product. 


I hope this resource has assisted you with completing the Membership Renewal process in Swim Central.


Membership Categories


Competitive (9 yrs+)  

A member who competes against members of other clubs at swimming Meets.  Age 9yr+

Swimmer may compete at Club, Region, State and National level.

Recreational (9 yrs+)

A member who swims within the club only and does not compete against other clubs. Age 9yr+



Junior Dolphin (8 yrs and under)

 A member who is 7 years of age or under at the time of joining.  Swimmer may compete at all levels of competition

Parent Member

 A parent or guardian of a swimming member.  All families are encouraged to have 1 parent member

Technical Official

 Must hold at least ONE Swimming Australian Technical Official qualification


Qualified coaches who are ASCTA members


Membership Fees - 2021-22


Competitive Swimmer 9 years and over = $150

Recreational Swimmer 9 years and over = $150

Swimmer 8 years and under = $70

Non Swimmer = $25

Parent = free

Family discounts apply for 3 and more paying members per family.  Every swimmer must have a parent member attached (purchase a 'free' parent membership.  


Renewing Membership


Every active financial family of HSC will receive a renewal email towards the end of the current season. Please check that all details are correct. If changes need to be made, such as change from recreational to competitive swimmer or adding a member, then you must contact the Club Registrar.


It is hoped that families that are renewing should have all family members linked and that the fee payable will incorporate any relevant discount package.


If you are a Competitive Swimmer, one who competes at sanctioned carnivals then you must renew your membership before the 30th September when the Swimming Queensland moratorium period ends.


Recreational swimmers who are only involved in Friday Club night swimming, may delay renewing until Club Nights restart after the September School holidays.


Transfers into HSC

If you wish to transfer to Helensvale Swimming Club from another Swim Club you just need to buy a new membership for Helensvale.  The portions of the memberships (Australia, Queensland and/or Gold Coast Swimming) that is common to both memberships will then be refunded direct from Swimming Australia.