Covid19 Restrictions and Changes


Covid19 has brought about many changes and challenges to sports, swimming and competing as we know it.  One of the biggest changes has been the removal of parents and spectators from meets.  To enable swimmers to continue competing, new policies have been implemented allowing a limited number of Team Managers.  

The following procedure will need to be followed by parents attending meets, and Team Managers volunteering.


Helensvale Team Manager Responsibilities and Sign In/Out Process

  • All swimmers will be required to sign in and out with a Helensvale TM at the front entry gate at any further meets.  12 years and under swimmers will need a parent to attend the gate to sign them out before leaving the complex.  13 years and over can sign themselves out with the TM.  Extra TM will be rotated through this position at the gate during the day and will be in a Helensvale Shirt.  There will be no exceptions to this new guideline:
  • Team Manager allocations are based on the number of swimmers that attend the meet and we are advised by the hosting club of those allocations.  
  • Allocations take into consideration the number of races that a swimmer is entered in and the length of time they will be at the meet.   Parents that enter their child in only a couple of races at the beginning of a meet or alternately only at the end of the meet will not be considered for this position as it is generally a full session or full day commitment depending on the meet. 
  • Please be aware that we only take EOI for Team Manager positions via email and that no parent is guaranteed a position.  
  • Covid training is mandatory before taking on a TM position and blue cards are encouraged.  If you are a teacher or police officer, you can apply for an exemption blue card.  They are free.   The Covid online link is COVID Training link.  Copy of Certificate must be forwarded to at least 2 days prior to the meet if you have been allocated a TM position.
  • Chief TM – will oversee all TM and timekeepers (if required) at each meet and will have an emergency contact list for all swimmers attending.   Chief TM will ensure all TM and timekeepers are in attendance and in place.  He/she will be the first point of call if you need any assistance.   Chief TM will provide some indepth/onsite training for new parents undertaking TM or timekeeping for the first time.  
  • TM will be allocated to a specific age group from all further meets for swimmers aged 12 and under.   You are to make sure you know who your swimmers are, what races they are in and assist with making sure they go to their coach and marshalling.  You may need to assist them to get there if they are unsure or new to swimming.  Please make sure you check that all your swimmers know their event number, heat number and lane number.   Good practice to get them to write these on their arms at the beginning of the meet.  TM are also responsible for monitoring the behaviour of your allocated swimmers and please don’t focus only on your own child.   You have a responsibility to all the swimmers you are allocated for the day for not only their racing but also for their welfare eg. Regular sunscreen, staying in the shade, regular food and hydration throughout the day.  There will be no TM allocated to swimmers aged 13 years and over (other than relay meets) as we need to foster independence for them to be able to compete successfully and independently at a State and National level.  We found that the older swimmers required reasonably minimal TM input at the recent State Championships in December.
    • For reference – 50m, 100m and 200m races the swimmers should be marshalled behind the blocks at least 3 heats prior to the heat in the water. 
    • 400m races – the swimmers should be marshalled behind the blocks at least 2 heats prior to the heat in the water.
    • 800m and 1500m – the swimmers should be marshalled behind the blocks at least 1 heat prior to the heat in the water.
  • TM may be required at times to fulfil timekeeping positions should we have any unexpected no shows.  This will be organised by the Chief TM.  Please don’t refuse if you are asked to take on this role – it is part of Helensvale requirement for all parents to undertake timekeeping if required.